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The Best Video Game Characters Ever Created

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You've seen a lot of videogame characters, and you know what they are. Are you a Kratos fan, Lara Croft (or Solid Snake)? If you answered yes, then it is time to find a new character. Which characters from video games are your favorite? Read on to find out! After you finish this article, you'll want to play one of these characters in real life!


Kratos is a well-known fighting video game character. The Greek deity of war and the demigod of war who destroyed the gods of Olympus is a legendary video game character. Kratos, one of the most powerful characters in the God Of War franchise, is Kratos. He is the ultimate power fantasy. He possesses limitless stamina and immeasurable speed. He can also use his Pierce move to get around any defense.

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Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the series' star. She is an intelligent and athletic archaeologist who travels around the globe in search for lost treasures. Her adventures often involve fighting with grave robbers, dinosaurs, and mercenaries. Lara is the daughter of a noble family in all her games. However, three versions of Lara's youth have been included in the series.

Solid Snake

Solid Snake is a character with a high intelligence and can speak six languages. He is a loner and doesn't like following orders. This character is one that has been loved by millions. His journey has seen him conquer many bosses, gears, and enemies. He has actually slain a giant, wimpy snake and a phantom serpent - two creatures that snake considers his most terrifying enemies.

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is often portrayed as the epitome of action-heroes. But he is actually quite macho. He is known for wearing large sunglasses and bluejeans. He also loves to smoke comically large cigars. His sarcasm is often expressed in crude dialogue. He fights for his nation's good. Fans hope for more Duke Nukem games, even though the character has been through hard times.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, an excellent platform side-scrolling game from Yacht Club Games, is both challenging and enjoyable. While the game is based on an old series, the new version reworks many of the characters from the classic games into a brand-new product. This is a wonderful homage to the past, but also a look into the future. Shovel Knight's fun gameplay is complemented by great retro graphics and catchy music.

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Junko Enoshima

Junko's first encounter with you is likely to be a high-school student. In fact, she's two years older than her classmates, and her appearance is very dramatic. She has strawberry blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is described as being "airheaded", and her appearance can change depending on her mood. Many people find her fascinating, despite this.

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Which console is better for online multiplayer?

Both consoles offer excellent online capabilities. However, Xbox Live is far better than Sony Playstation Network. In fact, Xbox Live allows you to play against players around the globe. You can also do this from anywhere at any time.

PlayStation Network prohibits you from playing online if you live outside a given area. This makes playing online less convenient.

Which is better, Xbox or PlayStation?

It depends on what you want. Both of these systems can be great entertainment options. They allow you to play games from all around the world. Xbox 360 is a better option if you are just looking to play video games. It offers more exclusive titles.

How many games does each console hold?

Xbox One holds 1 TB of storage space. That's enough space for thousands. The internal memory of the PS4 is 500GB. This is enough storage to store hundreds of games.


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The Best Video Game Characters Ever Created